Surrender to Win: The #1 Paradox of Addiction Recovery

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Scott Brassart The first step in every 12-step program of recovery and healing reads as follows: We admitted we were powerless over [our addiction]—that our lives had become unmanageable. So basically, when we enter treatment and 12-step recovery, we are asked to accept that we have lost the battle, that our problem has beaten us, […]

Protective (Filtering and Accountability) Software for Recovering Sex and Porn Addicts

Each year, Dr. Rob Weiss, Seeking Integrity’s Chief Clinical Officer, and Scott Brassart, Seeking Integrity’s Director of Content Development, look at “parental control” software products to determine which offerings are likely to work best for recovering sex and porn addicts. Their 2020 review was completed a few weeks ago and published in full at this […]

Six-Week Online Workgroup Male Sex and Porn Addicts, Level 1

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  In this six-week workgroup, you will: Begin to understand your sexual choices. Create a plan for beginning to heal and embracing healthy sexual behaviors. Develop useful tools for sexual health and relationships. New group starting: October 3, 2020 6 weeks Saturdays at 9 a.m. Pacific Facilitator: Scott Brassart  Participants must purchase two books for […]

Understanding Cybersex Addiction

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By Scott Brassart In today’s increasingly digital world, we can’t avoid the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other internet-enabled devices. And with this technology comes easy, affordable, mostly anonymous access to pornography, webcams, sexting, sexualized social media, hookup apps, virtual reality sex performers, sex-driven video games, and lots of other sexnology. For the majority […]