Michelle Holleman, Family Support Specialist for Seeking Integrity: Los Angeles, began her career as a television reporter and news anchor after graduating from College of Charleston. She worked in Southern California before moving to North Carolina to serve as the Director of Communications for a Fortune 500 Company. She began her clinical career at an inpatient substance abuse detox facility outside of Charlotte, NC while earning her credentialing and licensure, and was quickly promoted to Lead Clinician. In addition to her work with Seeking Integrity, she is the owner and Clinical Director of Life Healing Counseling, a private practice in Charlotte, NC.

A skilled and compassionate clinician, Michelle specializes in treating Substance Use, Sex and Intimacy Disorders, Gaming and Internet Disorders, and families and partners of people with addictions. She is trained in EMDR and treating multicultural and marginalized populations.

Michelle is an engaging and highly sought-after presenter for schools, corporations, healthcare groups, religious organizations, and clinical groups, as she is developing protocols and programs for the treatment of young people with Sex/Porn/Gaming/Internet Addictions. She is passionate about teaching others how to connect and have uncomfortable but necessary conversations appropriately.