What is Chemsex (Paired Sex and Drug) Addiction?

Chemsex addicts (people who have paired drug abuse with sex or paired sex and drug addiction) involves alternating or pairing substance abuse or addiction and sexual behavior. For many people this becomes an out-of-control activity. They then repeatedly try and fail to quit using drugs, to quit certain sexual behaviors, or both.  Unfortunately, Chemsex suffering men continue to experience negative consequences related to this loss of control. 

Some individuals alternate between substance use and sexual behaviors. Sometimes they feel bad about engaging in one behavior and use the other to numb their shame. Then they feel bad about the second behavior and switch back to the first to numb their shame. They endlessly cycle back and forth between the two.

Others use substances to disinhibit themselves sexually, or to build their confidence in sexual situations. Basically, they get drunk or high so they can engage in the sexual acts they desire but (for any number of reasons) struggle to accept and pursue unless under the influence of a substance. 

Still others use substances to heighten the intensity and pleasure of sex (or they use sex to heighten the intensity and pleasure of substances). Typically, this involves the pairing of stimulant drugs (cocaine, meth, and the like) with porn, prostitutes, group sex, kink/fetish, or some other form of intense sexual behavior. 

Whatever form the pattern takes, paired drug and sex addiction is a serious issue requiring specialized treatment. If you think you or a loved one may be struggling with chemsex behaviors, we suggest you take this anonymous 25-question substance use and sexual disorders screening test. You can also contact us with questions via email or phone us at (747) 234-4325.

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