Not What You Might Expect

The best clinical strategies for addiction recognize that both emotional and physical recovery require more than sitting in group and learning new information. Thus, experiential programming such as physical activities or encounters with animals is an essential component of our programs.

Addiction “resets” the pleasure center of the brain, making everyday activities less rewarding and even intolerable, so most people experiencing sex/porn addiction or fused sex and drug addiction have a heightened need for stimulation. While our treatment teaches tools to manage these feelings, we also recognize that movement and physical engagement is a vital component both in building social connection and in healing the brain from the impact of addiction.

To this end, Seeking Integrity @ Lanna provides unique opportunities for adventure therapy, animal therapy, and exercise. These therapies provide real-time feedback about your interaction with the environment and its impact on your thinking and decision-making while helping you develop self-esteem and confidence. After the activity, discussing, reflecting, and processing further integrate these lessons.

Biking: Mountain biking in Chiang Mai offers an exhilarating way to balance the mental and emotional work required in treatment. A ride through plantations, coffee fields, and rice paddies introduces new sights and sounds that stimulate the brain and promote both physical and emotional healing.

Hot Springs: For good health or just relaxation, Sankampaegn Hot Springs is known around the world. The high sulfur content in this natural mineral hot spring is believed to have highly curative properties.

Spelunking: One of the main attractions of the Chiang Dao National Park is the network of caves (over 100 miles) inside the mountain range. Some of the caves are lit, in others you’ll be given a lamp to explore the narrow walkways that expand into huge caverns—some covered with Buddhist drawings and paintings, others with natural formations of limestone and crystal.

Temple Tours: Chiang Mai is famous for its Buddhist monks and temples. These mysterious and stunning structures are centuries old and steeped in an ancient tradition. There are over 30 temples within the Chiang Mai city walls, with more in the surrounding areas. The accessibility of these temples provides a unique context in which to consider the spiritual aspects of recovery.

Trekking with Elephants: Many addicts find that they have lost empathy for others and themselves and have learned to withhold trust and emotions. Interacting with animals provides a unique opportunity to explore these patterns. The Baanchang Elephant Park is a non-profit rehabilitation center for rescued elephants, the national animal of Thailand. Here you get to know these fabulous creatures up close and personal, feeding them, bathing them, and even going on a ride on one of these gentle giants. Many people have found that interacting with these animals offers opportunities for profound healing.

Waterfalls: Grounding oneself in nature and really noticing and experiencing your environment in a mindful way creates strong foundational skills for recovery. Our Chiang Mai location provides a beautiful setting with some of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls you’ll ever see—huge cascades of water crashing down in beautiful tropical landscapes. There are areas to relax and enjoy a picnic. Some falls have pools or streams where you can take a refreshing swim in the cool water. There is no better place to both soothe and reconnect.

Whitewater Rafting: The Mae Tang River is home to some of the best rafting rapids anywhere. People come from around the world to experience it. For our clients needing a little more stimulation, white water rafting, under the supervision of experienced guides, provides a safe yet exhilarating experience.

Ziplining: Gliding through the rain forest 80 meters above the ground, as well as crossing bamboo bridges and climbing rope ladders, is not your typical treatment experience. This outing not only provides a thrilling adventure, it offers a real-time opportunity to experience, manage, and process heightened emotions, thereby promoting self-awareness and recovery.