My experience with Seeking Integrity was about understanding and acceptance. When we first arrived I was full of shame, denial, and depression. Dr. Rob, Dr. David, and team helped me learn about “rigorous” honesty, consequences, and the meaning of vulnerability. These were tested and practiced in group, individual therapy, and daily living while in LA (and continue today).

Exercises and sessions allowed me to get in touch with my emotions, trauma, and enmeshment, examining personal experiences that had been locked deep inside of me. My feeling of shame began to wash into guilt and sadness. These are more constructive emotions that I can learn from, work with, and own. The toolset from the team has proven to be extremely valuable as I move along my path to recovery.

We also attended 12 step meetings and the power of humility, honesty, and connection was clearly evident.

Upon return, finding a great sponsor and working the steps, meeting regularly with my home group have given me access to the experience, strength, and hope that I need to stay sober.

The group of us who attended SI stay in touch weekly or even daily, as we are deeply connected and more that willing to check in and help each other.
I will always be grateful!

– 7.15.19

Couples workshop:
In the time leading up to the workshop I was pretty skeptical that this could work. I was in so much pain and had already been in therapy for months to no avail. But I can honestly say that those three days with Paul and Karen completely changed the trajectory of our marriage and our healing. I came away with tools to help me when I start to despair or “spiral” as I call it. Actual concrete things to do when my mind won’t turn off or my emotions get the best of me. I never felt blamed, shamed or anything other than fully supported the entire time and the ideas of co-dependence and co-addict are now erased from my vocabulary! My husband and I have completely committed to one another and are renewing our vows as a fresh start. I know things will not be easy, life with an addict rarely is, but with the skills we were taught during the workshop I feel more positive and hopeful than ever. I am very grateful that this program exists and encourage anyone who wants to begin to repair their marriage to give it a try.

– 10.26.19

I was so pleased when my esteemed and experienced colleague Dr. Rob Weiss started his own treatment center. With Dr. Rob and Tami VerHelst at the helm, I knew I could relax and expect greatness. Now that I have experienced how Seeking Integrity and their staff handle my clients with compassion and expertise while staying in close communication with me during my client’s inpatient experience, my expectations are happily confirmed. The results were striking. Seeking Integrity is a solid referral I can make with great confidence.

– Nan Tilbury, LPC, CSAT, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, 11.26.19

This is from someone who went to a different program-thought he could save $:
I sought help at another facility and wound up not receiving that help. What happened was they had a separate program for sex addiction and mental health but I got lumped in with drugs and alcohol. I really did try to get as much from that program as I could but it was not geared towards my particular issues. So I left, with disastrous consequences, now I am not sure if I am in a divorce or just a separation. I wish there was a way for me to undo this situation.

– 12.9.19

I second the recommendation of Seeking Integrity, Dr. Rob Weiss’ program in LA. He and his team provided exceptional clinical care and communication with me while my client was attending the program. Because it is a smaller program, my clients was not overwhelmed with 20-30 people.

– Michelle Holloman, MS, LCAS-A, CSAT-C, 2.4.20

Dr. David Fawcett is exceptional in his knowledge of chemsex in the LGBTQ+ community.

– Michelle Holloman, MS, LCAS-A, CSAT-C

I believe they go above and beyond to help the addict, the spouse (if there
is one) and the clinician which is huge for me!

– Amy Bloom, LICSW, CSAT, CMAT, 2.7.20

Lora is kind, caring and incredibly supportive. Karen is direct, caring and inspiring. Jason is always supportive, caring and good man! Mark is caring, supportive and a good man!

– Alumni TT, 2.17.20

The lodgings and hospitality were excellent, very comfortable and plenty of room. Everyone was very friendly and nice.

– Alumni ED, 2.21.20

Looking back on my experience at SI:
I’m going to take the program and all the experiences, all the things you guys shared with me. Although the program of recovery is just starting for me, I’ve gained the knowledge and experiences at SI:LA to gain victory over this disease. But I know I cannot do it alone now!
To SI:LA staff:
I wish I could stay longer and receive more! Karen – you were tough on me, but I desperately needed it. Lora – you were very nice and compassionate, while drawing things out of me.
Looking back on my experience at SI:LA: I will take with me a belief in myself, a renewed connection to my wife, and an appreciation of what I can gain through sobriety. I understand how this insidious disease happens, and have found a few lifelong trudging buddies.

I have learned tools to keep me safe from my addictive tendencies, and that my defenses are helping to keep me sick. I have learned to pause, and gain the presence of mind to make a good decision. And I have laid the foundation such that I believe will last for long-term recovery.

Most of all, I came to believe that – I’ve done some monstrous things, but I’m not a monster; that I deserve to be sober and to heal; that I am enough; that I can be a great husband and father; that I like myself!

To therapy staff: Thank you, thank you; a thousand time, thank you. The safe space created by you all (the staff) allowed me to delve into secrets I thought I would take to my grave, and I began to relieve some of the shame that fueled my addiction. In just a matter of days, you turned around my perspective and gave me hope for myself and my marriage. You pushed me when I needed it, and you inspired me to do the work I need to do in order to heal. I believe I can fight this addiction now, and I’m able to appreciate what’s at stake. I can’t express my gratitude enough.
You have helped me to find integrity, and given me the tools to start living as a complete person again.

– Alumni JC, 2.14.20

The therapists at the Seeking Integrity treatment center were all exceptional. I recently reconnected with one of them on a Zoom call and I felt a well of emotion, with powerful feelings and memories of the center all flooding back. My 2 weeks there was a life-changing time.

– From Alumni SH, 7.22.20

Thank you so much for talking and listening to me today! I can’t tell you how much better I feel after having someone listen and validate my experiences and everything I’ve been feeling. It was definitely useful and I feel a lot clearer on what to do going forward.

– For Online Support session (betrayed partner), 8.10.20