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At Seeking Integrity, we believe that successful treatment doesn’t stem from good marketing or pretty websites but from the expertise and experience of the professionals who provide it. To learn more about our philosophy and expertise, click the button below.

Expertise Matters

Digital-Age Healing and Recovery

Seeking Integrity was founded in the fall of 2017 to move treatment for sex addiction, porn addiction, and paired substance/sex addiction into the 21st century. We recognize that in today’s increasingly digital world, much of our daily life, including addictive behavior, takes place via digital technology. With that knowledge, we believe that support and recovery for these issues should no longer be limited to face-to-face experiences at rehabs, workshops, 12-step meetings, and the local coffee house.

At Seeking Integrity, we believe very strongly that building and maintaining a supportive community of recovery (both online and in the real world) is a key to long-term healing. To this end, our treatment programs incorporate ongoing, no-cost online discussion groups, educational webinars, and other digital work as a part of every client’s treatment and aftercare program. Our goal is to keep our clients in regular contact with the support network that helped them establish sobriety and recovery, no matter where they live.

Meet TheSeeking Integrity Team

  • Stuart Leviton
    Stuart Leviton
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. Robert Weiss
    Dr. Robert Weiss
    Chief Clinical Officer
  • Tami VerHelst
    Tami VerHelst
    Chief Relationship Officer
  • Dr. David Fawcett
    Dr. David Fawcett
    Vice President for Clinical Programming
  • Scott Brassart
    Scott Brassart
    Director of Content Development
  • Erin Snow
    Erin Snow
    Clinical Director
  • Karen Brownd
    Karen Brownd
    Senior Clinical Specialist
  • Jason Swilling
    Jason Swilling
    Director of Recovery and Alumni Services
  • Dr. Eddie Capparucci
    Dr. Eddie Capparucci
    Consulting Therapist
  • Troy Love
    Troy Love
    Consulting Therapist
  • Tamara Cooper
    Tamara Cooper
    Family Specialist
  • Vince Lombardi
    Vince Lombardi
    Primary Therapist
  • Eli Wayne
    Eli Wayne
    Director of Operations for Seeking Integrity: Los Angeles

Our Mission StatementCultivating Personal and Interpersonal Integrity

The mission of Seeking Integrity is to form and nurture accessible, comprehensive, interactive communities for people seeking to understand, address, and redress with integrity behavioral health challenges wherever and however they manifest.

Confidentiality Policy

We are committed to ensuring your confidentiality throughout any and all telephone, electronic (text/email), or written interactions. Should you join our program and wish us to communicate with anyone involved in your life (therapist, spouse, partner, parent, etc.), we will ask you to sign a written release that lets us do that. That said, there are required legal limits to your confidentiality governed by Federal and State legislation. To familiarize yourself with this information, we have provided the following links:

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Seeking Integrity is committed to diversity and equal access to meaningful treatment for all clients. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, physical health (including HIV status), veteran, military, marital, or any other legally protected status. We simply screen each individual to determine whether we can help.

If you worry about fitting in and finding acceptance, we greet you with open arms. At Seeking Integrity, our work addresses human sexuality in all its infinite variations. We will embrace and accept you as you are at every stage of your healing process.

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Erin Snow
Clinical Director

Erin Snow (CA License #116035) is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. She has had a passion for working with individuals suffering from mental health conditions and addictions for many years. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2009 from San Diego State University and a Master of Science in Counseling from Cal State Long Beach in 2013. She has worked as a therapist in psychiatric inpatient settings, community mental health, and substance use rehabilitation. Prior to joining Seeking Integrity, she spent six years as the Program Director of an inpatient substance use facility near Palm Springs, where she brought in trauma work as a way to better treat addiction at its core. She also has a private practice in Redlands, CA where she specializes in treating the effects of childhood trauma on adults. She is trained in EMDR and TF CBT and enjoys group trauma work by use of Psychodrama.

Dr. Eddie Capparucci
Consulting Therapist

Dr. Eddie Capparucci is a licensed therapist and certified in the treatment of sexual and pornography addiction. He and his wife, Teri, have a private practice working with men struggling with sexual and pornography addictions, as well as their wives who are dealing with betrayal.

Among his many clients, Eddie has worked with professional athletes including NFL and MLB players and television personalities. He also serves as a clinical director for the National Decency Coalition, an organization working with state governments to help limit the access to pornography to minors.

He is the administrator of the websites and He also has written for numerous blogs including, Covenant Eyes, Pure Desire Ministries, and He has spoken to numerous organizations regarding the destruction pornography has on individuals, marriages, and families. His latest book, entitled Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction, outlines his therapeutic approach to addiction, known as the Inner Child Recovery Process. He is also the author of the book Removing Your Shame Label: Learning to Break Free of Shame and Feel God’s Love. You can learn more about his Inner Child Recovery Process by visiting

Troy Love
Consulting Therapist

Troy L. Love, LCSW is on a quest to help individuals, couples, and organizations find greater peace, joy, happiness, and success.

Troy is a two-time Amazon bestselling author, President and Clinical Director of Yuma Counseling Services, and an adjunct professor at Arizona State University. He has over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. Troy received his Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, PA in 2000 and much of his training has focused on addiction recovery. Troy also received Certification in Human Resource Studies from Cornell University. He recently completed certification as a Sexual Addiction Treatment Professional from Mid-Nazarene University and is certified as a Life Coach through New Skills Academy.

Troy specializes in working with individual’s trauma-related concerns, couples struggling in their relationships, and individuals who numb their pain through compulsive or addictive behaviors. Troy also helps couples find deeper connection. Troy is training in EMDR, Brainspotting, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and addiction recovery.

Troy uses his unique set of skills to help individuals seeking personal healing and for organizations who are seeking to improve outcomes. Troy’s workshops, lectures, and group discussions have helped hundreds of people explore sensitive issues, increase understanding, and to take action towards change. His down-to-earth, humorous, teaching style helps participants feel safe enough to examine their core issues required for change. For those who are interested in more intensive work with Troy, he offers a nine-month educational course that focuses on Sexual Addiction recovery using the Finding Peace Model.

Tamara Cooper
Family Specialist

Tamara Cooper is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Kentucky and a CSAT-Candidate. She has a heart for working with individuals suffering from mental health conditions, addictions, and supporting the loved ones of addicted clients. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Social Work from Spalding University, in Louisville, Kentucky. She has worked as a therapist in an intensive outpatient substance use facility with a focus on family support work. She has also worked in outpatient community mental health, inpatient crisis stabilization, and private practice.

Tamara primarily specializes in treating substance and sex addictions, families dealing with addictions, trauma, and anxiety. She utilizes an array of advanced therapeutic interactions to help facilitate and support change.

Vince Lombardi
Primary Therapist

Vince Lombardi is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. He received a double Masters of Psychology and Personnel Services from Phillips Graduate University. Vince has over 20 years of experience as an individual coach, group leader, and course instructor for the Relationship Institute, where men came to develop skills to be better versions of themselves in their relationships. He spent two years at the Los Angeles LGBT Center as a Staff Clinician and group facilitator of a Men’s Methamphetamines psychoeducational/harm reduction support group and Healthy Relationships Group. He has a private practice in Beverly Hills where he has a specialty in Sex and Relationship Therapy.

Eli Wayne
Director of Operations for Seeking Integrity: Los Angeles

Prior to working in addiction and mental health treatment, Eli had extensive experience working in the non-profit environmental protection sector. He began his recovery at Impact Treatment Center in Pasadena, where he laid the groundwork for a strong personal program of recovery. He transitioned into treatment work, and, prior to coming to Seeking Integrity: Los Angeles, garnered seven years of experience as a facility manager specializing in crisis management, client retention, implementation of program protocols, and all levels of operations management. During this time, he also consulted and helped treatment centers in the process of business development and licensing. His ability to forge strong therapeutic alliances with clients and maximize client success makes him an invaluable asset to Seeking Integrity: Los Angeles.