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Seeking Integrity Treatment Programs

Seeking Integrity provides treatment for sex, porn, love, and relationship issues in adult men, with or without a substance abuse component. We offer 14-day to 28-day treatment for men dealing with sex addiction, porn addiction, paired substance abuse with sexual behaviors, and associated underlying trauma. We also offer six-week online workgroups for male addicts, three-day in-person workshops for male addicts, and three-day in-person workshops for couples working to overcome the deeply felt emotional pain and loss of trust wrought by infidelity and addiction.

Treatment for
Sex and Porn Addiction

We offer sex and porn addiction treatment for men whose sexual lives have spiraled out of control. Our basic program lasts two weeks, extendable for an additional seven or fourteen days depending on client needs.

  • Are you obsessively preoccupied with sex?
  • Have you tried and failed to cut back or quit your involvement with porn, hookup apps, strip clubs, prostitution, affairs, and similar behaviors?
  • Are you experiencing negative consequences related to your out-of-control sex life?

If this sounds like you or someone you know, Seeking Integrity can help. Click here or call us (747) 234-HEAL (4325) to learn about our sex and porn addiction treatment program, along with our sex and porn addiction online and in-person workshops.

Treatment for
Paired Substance/Sex Addiction (Chemsex)

We offer treatment for men whose paired use of substances and sex has spiraled out of control. Our basic program lasts two weeks, extendable for an additional seven or fourteen days depending on client needs.

  • Are compulsive drug use and sexual behavior creating problems in your life?
  • Do you need to be drunk or high to engage in sexual behavior?
  • Does your drug and sex life put you in places that scare you, endanger your health, or violate your personal moral code?

If you or someone you know is struggling with paired substance and sex behaviors, Seeking Integrity can help. Click here or call us (747) 234-HEAL (4325) to learn about our paired substance/sex addiction treatment program, along with our weekend chemsex workshops.

Our Facilities

Our treatment center and residence are located in the Sherman Oaks and Encino neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Our 3,300 square foot, newly constructed home accommodates up to 10 men comfortably with semi-private lodging and en suite bathrooms. All meals are included in the cost of care. Our chef prepares lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and helps clients with their weekend meal planning. The home is supported and supervised 24/7 by our trained Residential Staff, individuals who attend to the needs of the clients while fostering an atmosphere of community, accountability, and integrity.

Private Consultations

Dr. Robert Weiss and Dr. David Fawcett, working with the Seeking Integrity clinical team, can provide personalized assessments, intensive therapy, and highly directive personalized planning for long-term healing for individuals and couples. This intensive work can range from a one-time assessment and evaluation to multi-day private treatment offered in Los Angeles or the location of your choice.

  • Do you seek private therapy and counseling with Dr. Robert Weiss, Dr. Fawcett, and their staff? 
  • Are you a high-profile individual who needs a greater degree of privacy and confidentiality than you might find in a typical treatment program?
  • Do the parameters of time and travel make it difficult or impossible for you to attend one of our treatment programs?
  • Do you feel that you haven’t gotten to the bottom of what your problem is and what drives it, and that you need individualized help?
  • Is your relationship not moving forward despite other attempts at therapy and recovery?
  • Have you been to multiple therapists and programs only to find that you’re still struggling and don’t have the answers you need for healing?

As part of this private consultation service, Dr. Weiss or Dr. Fawcett will, as requested, consult with your existing therapist, psychiatrist, primary care physician, and others who serve as part of your treatment and support network.

Dr. Robert Weiss

Dr. David Fawcett



If you would like more information on this limited opportunity to work directly with Dr. Weiss or Dr. Fawcett, click here or call us at (747) 234-HEAL (4325).


We understand that Seeking Integrity Treatment Programs are not right for every person. If you feel that you or a loved one needs help but you’re not sure where to turn, please give us a call at (747) 234-HEAL (4325). We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction, whatever it is that you’re looking for.

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