Seeking Integrity offers a wide range of low-cost live-facilitated online workgroups for addicts, betrayed partners, and couples impacted by sex/porn addiction and infidelity.

  • Six-Week Workgroups
  • Meet Weekly via Zoom for 90 Minutes (2 Hours for Couples Group)
  • Often Therapist Recommended as an Adjunct to Primary Therapy

Sex Addiction 101 Workgroups for Men (Three Parts)

Your Sex Life is Secretive and Out-of-Control

Identify the Issues That Drive Your Addiction

Move Forward as a Sexually Sober Man

After completing the Sex Addiction 101 workgroup series, you may want to consider:

  • Out of the Doghouse
  • Healthy Intimacy and Healthy Sexuality
  • Healing Attachment Wounds
  • Going Deeper (Inner Child)
  • Why Men Struggle to Love

Porn Addiction 101 Workgroups for Men (Two Parts)

Your Porn Use Is Secretive and Out-of-Control

Underlying Issues and Life Without Porn

Out of the Doghouse: Rebuilding Your Relationship Workgroups for Men (Two Parts)

You’ve Cheated and Want to Save Your Relationship

Rebuilding Trust and Intimacy

Workgroups for Betrayed Partners (Three Parts)

Your Partner Cheated and You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

You Want to Stay Together and Start to Trust Again

You Want a Happy, Intimately Connected Relationship

After completing the Betrayed partners workgroup series, you may want to consider:

  • Workgroup for Couples Impacted by Betrayal

Your partner may want to consider:

  • Sex Addiction 101
  • Porn Addiction 101
  • Out of the Doghouse

Why Men Struggle to Love Workgroups (Two Parts)

You Find Emotional Intimacy Frightening or Unattainable

You Want to Develop Intimate Emotional Connection

Healing Attachment Wounds Workgroup for Men

Childhood Trauma Is Impacting Your Adult Life

In addition to this workgroup looking at early-life attachment wounds, you may want to consider:

  • Why Men Struggle to Love
  • Going Deeper (Inner Child)
  • Healthy Intimacy and Healthy Sexuality

Going Deeper (Inner Child) Workgroup for Men

You Want to Understand Your Inner-Child

You Want to Nurture Your Inner-Child

going deeper

In addition to this workgroup looking at your inner child, you may want to consider:

  • Why Men Struggle to Love
  • Healing Attachment Wounds
  • Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Addiction

Healthy Intimacy and Healthy Sexuality Workgroups for Men (Two Parts)

Your Addiction Has Prevented Emotional Intimacy

In addition to this workgroup looking at your inner child, you may want to consider:

  • Why Men Struggle to Love
  • Healing Attachment Wounds
  • Healthy Intimacy and Healthy Sexuality

Spiritual Abuse Workgroup for Men: Overcoming Religious Trauma that Hinders Sex Addiction Recovery

Spiritual/Religious Trauma Is Complicating Recovery

In addition to this workgroup looking at Spiritual Abuse, you may want to consider:

  • Healing Attachment Wounds
  • Going Deeper (Inner Child)
  • Why Men Struggle to Love
  • Healing Intimacy and Sexuality
I just want to say taking level 1 and level 2 of getting out of the doghouse has been very helpful and a wonderful class for me. I have come to understand why my wife is so traumatized and hurt by what I did and now realize what I did — how wrong it was — and I fully understand my infidelity and we are going to do a full disclosure to help with the healing process. Having taken this class, I have cut out my bad habits already and I look forward to fixing my relationship and making it stronger and better than it was before thanks to this class. Having the support of Jason and other fellows who have been through what I have has been great to share and talk with and I have learned a lot of valuable points to help.

– 3/9/22

I cannot thank Dr. Rob enough! he was extremely helpful in narrowing down the main issues and identifying what is needed right now. To be honest, I have never experienced that much compassion and understanding from a therapist towards me while also letting me know what I am feeling is normal.

The two hours did more for me than the last 4 years with other therapists! Dr. Rob helped me feel OK to stand up for myself, and this is NOT my fault! I am so grateful to him for his time and advice. I recognize I need better therapy for myself now.

– 3/3/22

Jason, I can’t say enough kind words about our process over the last 12 weeks. This group has been an incredible resource for learning about my healing path and I’ve noticed an immense amount of personal growth during our time together.

– 11/23/21, Sex Addiction 101, Levels 1 and 2

I just wanted to thank you specifically for your assistance and leadership. This is a great platform for helping those in need. I can see your compassion and heart. This has had an impact on my life. I am grateful.

– 10/13/21

I’ve been working with a porn addict and he was constantly losing his sobriety. I had recommended the drop-in groups and webinars/podcasts. I also suggested the Sex/Porn Addiction Level 1 workgroup. To my surprise he signed up for it and went through it as well as regularly attending the drop-in groups. He is now going on for 60 days sobriety and his whole demeanor has changed. His relationship with his wife has improved immensely. He finished the Level 1 and, when his schedule allows it, he will be doing Level 2. I just wanted to give you some positive feedback from my end and how appreciative I am of all the support you give my clients and how it makes my job so much easier.

– 2/3/21, Level 1 workgroup, CSAT Trained Therapist

Dr. Fawcett’s lecture series was so incredibly helpful in giving me the strength to not use. It was very informational, giving me the knowledge I can lean on to make the right decisions and not fall into my addiction. The camaraderie with him and the rest of the men in the group was also very inspiring. I highly recommend this series to those struggling with chemsex addiction. Nothing but good things to say about this series and the experience.

– 11/6/20, Chemsex group

Workgroup Terms and Conditions
Thank you for registering for a Workgroup presented by Seeking Integrity LLC (“SI”). Please note the following terms and conditions that govern your participation in a SI Workgroup.

  1. Workgroups are intended solely for informational, support, accountability, and/or educational purposes. Workgroups are not intended to constitute and/or be a substitute for psychotherapy.
  2. Although a Workgroup Facilitator may be a licensed professional, the Workgroup will not involve services for which a license is required, including psychotherapy, and the Workgroup usually will not be covered by insurance. No Superbill will be provided.
  3. Neither SI nor any agent thereof makes any guarantees, representations, or warranties as to the efficacy of the Workgroup experience. Often, how effective a Workgroup experience is depends on you, your willingness to do the work, your willingness to engage, and your willingness to be honest with yourself and others.
  4. Once payment for a Workgroup is received, the payment is non-refundable, and generally, the Workgroup is not subject to rescheduling. In extraordinary circumstances, and in the sole discretion of SI, a Workgroup may be rescheduled once.
  5. SI respects a participant’s privacy and will, to the extent legally permissible, maintain in confidence any information a participant discloses during a Workgroup. Participants are similarly expected to respect the confidentiality of a Workgroup. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no legal privilege will apply to any communication between a participant and a Facilitator and/or other participants. As such, SI and Facilitators will comply with any legally required and/or compelled disclosure.
  6. Discussions of sex, sexuality, sexual practices, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, kink, fetish, porn, intimacy, and/or relationships may be discussed during Workgroups. Sometimes, discussions concerning these topics may be triggering for a participant. If you are triggered by any topic, please let the Facilitator know so that your reaction to the discussion can be addressed.
  7. Neither SI nor any Facilitator intends to offend the standards of any community in which a participant resides. If anyone believes that any topic addressed in a Workgroup offends a community standard, please advise SI so that any such concern may be addressed.
  8. Inappropriate language and/or conduct during a Workgroup shall not be tolerated, and in the sole discretion of a Facilitator, a participant may be silenced and/or excluded from one or more Workgroup sessions on these grounds. If a participant’s right to participate is terminated on these grounds, no refund will be provided, and the participant will be prohibited from registering for further Workgroups.
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