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Chronic Infidelity

Infidelity vs. Addiction

Not every person who commits infidelity qualifies as a sex or porn addict. In fact, the majority of individuals who betray a loving partner are not addicted. So, if your betrayed spouse has sent you to this website after learning you cheated (perhaps not for the first time) and you’re wondering if we can help you stop your sextracurricular behavior and repair your damaged relationship, stop wondering. The answer is yes, we can.

Generally speaking, infidelity has less to do with the specific sexual and romantic behaviors in which you’ve engaged, and more to do with the fact that you’ve been keeping important secrets and lying to cover up your behavior. Usually, this is what hurts most for your betrayed partner. She (or he) is now wondering if anything you say or do (or anything you’ve ever said or done) can be trusted. You partner is thinking: If you lied to me about something as important as our relationship, what else are you lying about?

How We Can Help You

To assist with chronic infidelity, we offer 14, 21, and 28-day residential intensives that help you understand what you’ve done, its impact on your partner and your relationship, and how you’ve been living in denial (rationalizing, justifying, minimizing, and explaining away the cheating). While you are in treatment, we can work with your partner to help her (or him) develop a prodependent sense of relating. We also offer online workshops for betrayed partners and for couples impacted by relationship betrayal, so you and your spouse can work things out both independently and together. Often, the most effective path to relationship healing is residential immediately followed by an online workgroup.

Saving Your Relationship

At Seeking Integrity, we believe that intimate romantic relationships are the most meaningful aspect of life. Thus, our goal is always to keep couples and families together by helping them communicate more effectively, rebuild broken trust, and heal the painful wounds of betrayal. And almost all of the couples we work with do stay together. Often, these couples state that after putting forth the effort to heal and rebuild, they feel closer and more emotionally intimate than ever. 

If you are struggling with infidelity and wish to save your primary relationship, we can help. For information about residential treatment and online workgroups, you can contact us via email or you can phone us at (747) 234-HEAL (4325).

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