Couples Workshop

Couples Workshops
Healing from the Betrayal of Sex Addiction

Seeking Integrity: Los Angeles Hosts a Three-Day Workshop for Couples Struggling with the Betrayal of Sexual Addiction.

Facilitated by renowned couples and sex addiction therapist Paul Hartman.

October 18 – 20 (wait list)

November 15 – 17 (limited space)

This intensive three-day workshop features education, experiential work, and group processing. The typical couple in this group needs help answering the question, “How can we fix our damaged relationship?”


  • Rebuilding trust
  • Genuine forgiveness
  • Intimacy
  • Establishing and implementing healthy boundaries
  • Communication skills
  • Learning how to have respectful and productive conflicts
  • Grieving losses together
  • Healthy sexuality
  • Spirituality
  • Enjoying time (playing) together
  • Planning for continued recovery and healing


$1975 per couple (not including travel, hotel, meals)

Please know that travel, lodging and meals are not included in the workshop costs. We will provide local resources for lodging and meals in proximity to the workshop you would find helpful while attending the Seeking Integrity Couples Workshop.

For more information or upcoming workshop schedules, please call (747) 234-4325 or email
We look forward to working together on your healing journey.

Los Angeles Couples Workshop

Sex Addiction, however manifested, rocks and unsteadies relationships at their very foundation. When the secrecy and double life is discovered, what is revealed becomes a betrayal trauma to the core of the partnership, uncovering the intimacy disorder for all involved. The person loved and cared about seems to be living a hidden life unknown to the spouse or partner – the world feels turned upside down. “Feeling exposed” seems an understatement for all. The betrayed partner is overwhelmed with what to do next.

For couples feeling they wish to start again and heal from the past, a Couples Workshop Intensive can provide the needed support to navigate the rougher seas which prevent such progress. For those partners who know they will not be continuing in coupleship, however, will still be in relationship as parents, find this experience full of new information and healing, useful toward moving forward in their co-parenting of children. Most importantly, how to discuss the potential changes with your kids in a manner that avoids creating more disruption in the present and moving forward.

Couples experiencing this deeply emotional crisis find it helpful to work with an experienced professional who can guide them safely in this experience. Toward that goal, Seeking Integrity Los Angeles is offering a specialized three-day relationship workshop for spouses and partners to explore new tools for communication and boundaries, and develop a roadmap for healing, in which both can work toward their agreed upon goals in the relationship.
This intensive couples workshop utilizes several modalities, such psychoeducation, experiential work, and group processing, while also attending to key roadblocks each individual brings to their experience.

This intensive retreat is facilitated by renowned couples therapist and sex addiction therapist Paul Hartman, LMFT:
Paul Hartman is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in addictions and their impact on relationships. He has trained and worked with the most prominent addiction therapists in the country, including Dr. Robert Weiss, Dr. Patrick Carnes, Pia Mellody, and Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse, among others. For the past 20 years, his work has centered on sex addiction and its impact on relationships. Currently, he works with groups of addicts, betrayed partners, and couples in intensive relationship workshops presented throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Call to learn more or schedule your Couples Workshop. (747) 234-4325

Space is limited for this special event and requires a deposit to secure your attendance.
At present time the next workshop is scheduled for:

Couples Workshops

Friday, October 18th through Sunday, October 20th

Friday, November 15th through Sunday, November 17th

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