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Substance Use Driven By Sexual Shame

No type of shame is more powerful than sexual shame. Often, this shame is linked to either overt or covert sexual trauma experienced in childhood and never dealt with. For individuals who’ve experienced these or other types of early-life trauma, issues with relationship intimacy, compulsive sexuality, and substance abuse are relatively common.

What Does Sexual Shame Look Like?

Ways in which sexual shame commonly manifests include:

  • Re-enacting unresolved early-life sexual trauma (as an attempt to master it or take control over a situation that cannot be controlled).
  • Feeling tremendous shame about certain attractions, such as same-sex attractions or an attraction to ‘shemales’ and numbing that shame with alcohol or some other substance.
  • Feeling shame about sexuality in general, as if sex is something dirty and to be avoided, but still desiring sex and using substances as a way to disinhibit oneself.
  • Feeling tremendous shame about sexual behaviors one has just engaged in and using alcohol or some other drug to escape the emotional discomfort.
  • Having chronically low self-esteem as the result of childhood neglect and abuse, and using substances as a way to feel empowered and more attractive in the pursuit of sex.

Identifying and Overcoming Sexual Shame

Whatever is driving the behavior, the pairing of substances with sex can become a serious issue requiring specialized treatment, as offered by Seeking Integrity. If you think you or a loved one may be struggling with paired substance use and sexual behaviors, we suggest you take this anonymous 25-question substance use and sexual disorders screening test. You can also contact us with questions via email or phone us at (747) 234-4325 (HEAL).

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