This is Part 1 (the first six weeks) of a two-part (twelve weeks total) course. To get the full benefit of this course, you will need to take both Part 1 and Part 2 (the full 12-week series). 

This workgroup is right for you if one or more of the following is true:

  • You are sex, porn, or substance/sex addicted.
  • You feel emotionally disconnected – even from your primary partner.
  • You struggle to develop and/or maintain healthy romantic and sexual relationships.

In this group you will:

  • Learn the difference between sex and intimacy.
  • Begin the process of becoming vulnerable and trusting others.
  • Develop useful skills toward emotionally intimate communication.

If you complete this group, you will:

  • Be ready for Part 2 of Healthy Intimacy and Healthy Sexuality.
  • Begin the process of developing true emotional intimacy.
  • Develop skills that can help you not only be in but thrive in a relationship.

New group starts July 10, 2023.

  • 6 weeks, 90-minute sessions
  • Mondays, 5 p.m. Pacific
  • Facilitator: Dr. David Fawcett

Participants must purchase The Seeking Integrity Healthy Intimacy and Sexuality Workbook for this class.


Please Note: Seeking Integrity’s workgroups and coaching/accountability groups do not offer or include psychotherapy. In fact, these groups work best as an adjunct to professional therapy. If you need help with a mental health challenge or you need/want psychotherapy, please reach out to an appropriate licensed mental health professional.