In this LIVE, INTERACTIVE four-week series, Dr. David Fawcett provides a soup-to-nuts understanding of sexualized drug use, also known as co-occurring drug/sex addiction, paired drug/sex addiction, fused drug/sex addiction, and chemsex addiction. These lectures are interactive, meaning Dr. Fawcett will provide information while also facilitating discussion.

Week One: Drugs, Sex, and the Brain

This session reviews the impact of addictive behaviors on the brain, including the sexual effects of various drugs, how drugs and sex overtake the brain’s reward circuitry, the critical role of dopamine, the development of tolerance, and neurological factors in long term recovery.

Week Two: The Hijacking of Sexual Desire

This session examines the fusion of drugs and sex, which, with repetition, can become hardwired in the brain, essentially becoming a single set of behaviors. With ever-increasing intensity and tolerance, there is an escalation in both behavior and fantasy. The impact of addiction on the arousal template will also be discussed, along with techniques for recovery.

Week Three: Essential Skills for Early Recovery

This session presents resources to successfully move through the first 90 days of recovery. Building on knowledge of the addictive cycle, specific tools and skills will be reviewed, including ways to understand fantasy and dissociation, circle plans, sexual abstinence and masturbation, the role of pornography, managing triggers and cravings, learning to self-soothe, and increasing social connection.

Week Four: Untangling Drugs, Sex, and Intimacy

Reclaiming healthy sex and intimacy can be problematic for sexualized drug users because of the fusion of sex and drugs in the brain. As such, reclaiming healthy sex and intimacy requires time, patience, and skill. Topics in this session include dating plans, tools for avoiding drug-related arousal template triggers, vulnerability, trust, and communication skills.

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