Tami VerHelst is passionate about addiction recovery and helping those who are struggling with addiction and their loved ones find qualified services to help them heal.

She is pleased to be part of the amazing and expert team with Seeking Integrity and Sex and Relationship Healing, with a focus on connecting struggling individuals with the recovery resources they need. As Chief Relationship Officer, she works with those calling for treatment inquiries, and organizes and participates in the webinar and drop-in group resources on www.sexandrelationshiphealing.com. She also organizes workgroup offerings to support recovery online via www.seekingintegrity.com as well as assisting professionals with support and resources for their clients.

Her previous experience as Vice President of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) for more than ten years created connections with professionals worldwide. During her tenure, she helped the organization gain international presence and reputation by creating a community environment for professionals and upholding a standard of excellence for the organization’s trainings and conferences.

She created Momentum Addiction Recovery Services with the goal of Moving Recovery Forward, consulting on projects that provide quality services to those seeking help for themselves and their loved ones.