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Seeking Integrity Treatment for Sex and Porn Addiction
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Seeking Integrity… Who Are We?

Seeking Integrity is a Los Angeles addiction treatment center dedicated to helping men who struggle with sex addiction, porn addiction, and drug addiction (sometimes referred to as chemsex addiction). Seeking Integrity’s addiction treatment is designed to break through the shame and pervasive denial that near always surrounds sex and drug addictions. Our program’s strong focus on relationship awareness, peer bonds, and personal accountability lead men toward their own personal, sexual, and relationship healing. We invite our clients to move beyond self-obsession and addiction and become the best version of themselves.
Ask yourself, “Why can’t I stop hurting the people I love? Why can’t I stop cheating? Why can’t I stop getting high? Why do I keep breaking promises to myself and others?” We can help you find answers.

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Do You Need the Seeking Integrity Program?

  • I feel like my compulsive sexual behavior and substance abuse have robbed my life of dignity.
  • First, my wife discovered the porn on my computer, and then she found all the rest.
  • If I don’t deal with my sexual compulsivity, I’m going to end up alone.
  • I lose focus and time by hooking up so often.
  • I have no meaningful relationships. It’s all about getting high and having sex.
  • I have been to treatment for meth and drug addiction but I keep relapsing over sex.
  • I’ve been caught with porn again at work, now I may lose my job.
  • I want to stay clean and have a healthy sex life, but I am losing hope for change.
  • I want a real relationship, yet my time is spent with drugs, hookers, and porn.
  • My wife saw all the porn and all the chats, now she wants a divorce.
  • I may lose my kids.
  • I lose myself in sex and can’t stay sober.
  • Infidelity, having affairs and casual sex are all I seem to care about.
  • I may lose my practice, my reputation and everything that matters to me due to sex addiction

Our Clinical Leadership

Dr. Rob Weiss and Dr. David Fawcett, the co-creators of Seeking Integrity’s Los Angeles residential treatment program, are world-renowned experts in sexual recovery, porn addiction, drug addiction, and chemsex. What makes this program different is their expertise. These leading authors, clinicians and intimacy disorders specialists have decades of experience working with, and treating sex addiction, chronic infidelity, chemical dependence, drug addiction, and partner betrayal trauma.

Chief Clinical Officer Robert Weiss PhD, MSW

Dr. Rob is a digital-age sex, intimacy disorder, and relationship specialist. He has spent more than 25 years developing addiction rehab programs, educating clinicians, writing, and providing direct care to those challenged by digital-age infidelity, sex addiction, porn addiction. He is author of numerous books on couples, sex and technology, including the most widely used, current book on sex and porn addiction, Sex Addiction 101.

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VP of Clinical Programming David Fawcett PhD, LCSW

Dr. David is a substance abuse expert, certified sex therapist, and clinical psychotherapist. He founded and chaired the South Florida Methamphetamine Task Force, a national coalition addressing the meth epidemic. He also founded Meth & Men South Florida, recently rebranded as No More Meth. He is the author of the only book on paired sex and drug behaviors, Lust, Men, and Meth.

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Join Our Free Online Community Sex and Relationship Healing.com

Sex and Relationship Healing online is an interactive community providing free information and support to anyone affected by infidelity, sex addiction, porn addiction, paired substance use and sexual behavior (sometimes referred to as chem-sex), and other sex and relationship issues. The site offers a sex and porn addiction self-screening test, a paired substance use and sexual behavior self-screening test, written information about a wide variety of sex and relationship issues, webinars hosted by well-known therapists, moderated drop-in discussion groups, access to Dr. Rob’s “Sex, Love, & Addiction” podcasts, daily inspirations, resources, and more. All are welcome, and everything on the site is available at no charge.

Visit SexAndRelationshipHealing.com

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Seeking Integrity Digital-Age Healing and Recovery

Seeking Integrity was founded in the fall of 2017 by Dr. Rob to move treatment for sexual health, intimacy disorders, sex addiction, pornography addiction, relationship/love addiction, and traditional addiction treatment for substance abuse into the 21st century. Today, much of our daily lives at home and work now occurs online through the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, apps, Twitter, blogs, podcasts, etc. With that being our experience, today’s recovery support, self-help, and recovery education no longer need to be limited to face-to-face experiences at workshops, 12-step meetings, and the local coffee house. 

Dr. Rob and his team first developed a no-cost, open access website, SexandRelationshipHealing.com, which offers a wide range of information and interactive resources relating to infidelity, sex and porn addiction, substance use linked with sexual behavior, other sex and relationship issues, and sex therapy. The next step was opening Seeking Integrity treatment centers—environments that meld cutting-edge treatment theories regarding attachment trauma and addiction with digital technology.

To this end, Seeking Integrity treatment programs incorporate ongoing, no-cost online discussion groups, educational webinars, and other meetings as a part of every client’s aftercare program. This keeps each client in regular contact with the support network that helped the client establish sobriety/recovery, no matter where they live.

At Seeking Integrity, we believe very strongly that building and maintaining a supportive community of recovery (both online and in the real world) is a key to long-term healing. We ask: Why help people build healing connections only while they’re in treatment? Why not set up ongoing online support so wherever a client might be, he or she can always connect with friendly, empathetic, and familiar support? This is a big part of what separates us from other treatment providers.

A Full Spectrum of Care Support for Spouses, Partners, and Other Loved Ones

As Dr. Rob developed cutting-edge addiction treatment, he also embraced the need for a fresh approach to viewing and treating spouses, partners, parents, and other loved ones of addicts. This led him to develop the concept of Prodependence. This fast-growing model for the treatment of loved ones of addicts pushes aside the long-standing, often problematic challenges of codependence, replacing that blame and shame-filled model with a more loving and compassionate attachment-based model.

Dr. Rob introduced the concept of Prodependence in his book, Prodependence: Moving Beyond Codependency. He felt compelled to write this book after three decades spent watching countless spouses, partners, and parents walk away from much-needed therapy and support because they felt labeled, shamed, blamed, and pathologized by a treatment model (codependency) that didn’t fit. Since publication in early 2018, Prodependence is changing the way therapists around the world work with loved ones of addicts and other troubled people.

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