Creation and Implementation of Clinical Programming

Under the guidance of renowned sex and intimacy disorders treatment specialist Robert Weiss, Seeking Integrity has created a series of research-based, up-to-the-moment treatment protocols to be used in facility-specific, gender-separate branded and white label programs that address a variety of sexual, relationship, and intimacy issues and disorders, including:

Seeking Integrity’s facility-specific gender-separate programming is a mix of traditional residential treatment, intensive residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, standard outpatient treatment, workshops, seminars, and online education and support.

Seeking Integrity licenses its programmatic content to select residential and outpatient facilities across the US and abroad. Licensees assume primary responsibility for hospitality and clinical operations of the treatment program, with Seeking Integrity creating program and treatment materials and providing expert advice on setup, implementation, staffing, development, marketing, clinical issues, and operations. Our treatment protocols can be tailored to meet any price point. Before partnering, we thoroughly vet potential licensees to ensure, on an ongoing basis, the best possible treatment outcomes, never forgetting that we are committed to providing the finest care possible to those in need.

To learn more about our branded and white label treatment programs, please Contact Us with a request for more information.