Clinical Excellence for Existing Treatment Programs

Under the guidance of renowned sex and intimacy disorders treatment specialist Robert Weiss, Seeking Integrity evaluates, assesses, and provides recommendations and training regarding sex and intimacy issues that are likely to appear in pre-existing treatment settings. This work is especially useful in mental illness, chemical dependency, and trauma treatment, where sex and intimacy issues often co-occur and sometimes fuse with deeper, more pressing issues.

To achieve true clinical excellence, clinicians and support staff need to know about and understand the ways in which sex and intimacy issues are likely to arise in a given treatment setting, what the effects of that can be, and what can be done to maintain the highest possible level of care. To this end, Seeking Integrity can:

  • Evaluate, assess, and train clinical and support staff about identifying and addressing common sex and intimacy issues. If requested, trainings can be CE qualified.
  • Provide supplemental written/video content addressing common sex and intimacy issues for integration, on an as-needed basis, into pre-existing treatment regimens.
  • Evaluate, assess, make recommendations, and train marketing, social media, and intake staff about the importance of conveying that a treatment center’s standard of excellence includes looking at and addressing underlying issues—including sex and intimacy issues.
  • Provide innovative online post-treatment (alumni) programming—including branded and white label programming—for any existing program. These efforts can include informational articles, blogs, webinars, podcasts, hosted 12-step meetings, and more.

To learn more Seeking Integrity’s Clinical Excellence consulting and how it might benefit your treatment program, please Contact Us with a request for more information.