New Book from Dr. David Fawcett!

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Sex Under the Influence: Understanding and Healing from Sexualized Drug Use

When sex and drugs are combined repeatedly and compulsively, there is a high risk of developing what Dr. David Fawcett calls sexualized drug use. This condition is also referred to as paired substance/sex addiction.

Unfortunately, the response from the professional community to sexualized drug use has been far from adequate. As Dr. Fawcett writes, “I have had countless clients come to me who have gone through well-known and otherwise exceptional drug addiction treatment programs that never addressed co-occurring behavioral addictions—most notably sex and porn addiction. Because of that shortcoming, those clients found themselves still struggling with sobriety and life in general.”

This book is intended to be a guide for individuals curious about their own sexualized drug use or the sexualized drug use of someone they care about, and for professionals seeking more clinical information. The information contained herein provides insight, guidance, and relief to people struggling to break free from sexualized drug use, steering them toward affirming and satisfying sex and intimacy without the need for mood-altering substances and behaviors.

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