Not What You Might Expect

The best clinical strategies for addiction recognize that both emotional and physical recovery require more than sitting in group and learning new information. Experiential programming such as physical activities or encounters with animals is an essential component of our programs.

Addiction “resets” the pleasure center of the brain making everyday activities less rewarding and even intolerable. Most persons experiencing sex addiction or fused sex/drug addiction have a heightened need for stimulation. While our treatment teaches tools to manage these feelings, we also recognize that movement and physical engagement is a vital component both in building social connection and in healing the brain from the impact of addiction.

To this end, Seeking Integrity: Los Angeles provides unique opportunities for activities, animal therapy, and exercise. These therapeutic activities provide real-time feedback about your interaction with the environment and its impact on your thinking and decision-making while helping you develop self-esteem and confidence. After the activity, discussing, reflecting, and processing further integrate these lessons.