What Makes Seeking Integrity Different?

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Tami VerHelst

At Seeking Integrity, we firmly believe that successful treatment does not require mountain views, massages, swimming pools, or lots of free time to relax and recuperate from the trials and tribulations of active addiction. In our vast experience, successful treatment comes from expert therapists who truly care about their clients and their clients’ families.

This is why our leading experts, Dr. Rob Weiss and Dr. David Fawcett, are directly and consistently involved in the treatment we provide. Sadly, you will not find this type of direct work at other treatment centers. At those facilities, the true experts (if there are any) are rarely seen outside the boardroom or as a figurehead on the website. Meanwhile, Seeking Integrity clients work directly with Dr. Rob and Dr. David on a regular basis. In fact, they jokingly refer to their typically grueling sessions with Dr. Rob with statements like: “I got ‘Robbed’ today.” 

If you’re considering residential treatment and you want (or your loved one wants) to be coddled in a spa-like atmosphere, Seeking Integrity is not for you. We provide comfortable accommodations and fresh, healthy food, but if you want a fluffy bathrobe, you’ll have to bring your own. (But don’t bother; you won’t have time to lounge around in it.)

Equally important is the fact that, unlike most addiction treatment centers, we do not provide cookie-cutter care. All our clients are treated through the lens of their individual backgrounds, culture, spiritual beliefs, and family goals. Rather than forcing square, rectangular, and triangular pegs into a one-size-fits-all round hole, we create individualized treatment plans to address the issues unique to each client.

We are also a small facility, treating no more than eight clients at any given time, with a staff-to-client ratio of three to one, meaning for each of our clients there are at least three staff members dedicated to their care. So, instead of being just another head in a bed (and yes, that is an industry term used at many larger, less heavily staffed treatment centers), each Seeking Integrity client is seen and treated as a unique individual with singular issues and needs.

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If you or someone you care about is struggling with sex, porn, or substance/sex addiction, help is available. Seeking Integrity offers inpatient treatment for male addicts. We also offer low-cost online workgroups for addicts new to recovery. The next six-week sex addiction workgroup starts February 3, 2023. Click here for information