With Sex Addiction Treatment, Expertise Matters

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Tami VerHelst

Sex, porn, and paired substance/sex addictions differ from other addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.) in significant ways. For starters, there is more internal and external shaming. Plus, sobriety is defined differently, underlying issues can be quite different, and the impact on betrayed partners is nearly always deeper and longer-lasting.

Stated another way, sex, porn, and paired substance/sex addictions are unique issues that require specialized treatment. As such, a general therapist, even a really good one, is not the best option for treatment. Even a traditional addiction therapist won’t cut it. To effectively treat sex, porn, and substance/sex addiction, you need a therapist who is trained, certified, and experienced in this work.

Sadly, other addiction rehabs – even those that say they can treat sexual addiction along with other addictions – do not offer this level of expertise. That is because these facilities don’t actually specialize in sex addiction treatment, even if they say they do. Instead, they force sexually addicted clients into a cookie-cutter substance abuse program that they adapt for sexual addiction.

Is that what you want in a treatment center?

At Seeking Integrity, we specialize in the treatment of sex, porn, and paired substance/sex addiction. That’s it. That’s all we do. Our therapists are all trained, certified, and experienced in the treatment of sexual addiction and related disorders. At Seeking Integrity, there are no general addiction therapists masquerading as specialists – because therapists who don’t fully understand the issue don’t cut the mustard. 

Better yet, our clinical staff is comprised entirely of PhD and master’s level therapists. Our Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Rob Weiss, is a global expert on sex and porn addiction treatment with nearly three decades of experience and a PhD in Human Sexuality. Our Vice President for Clinical Programming, Dr. David Fawcett, is the world’s leading expert on paired substance/sex addiction treatment. Dr. Rob, Dr. David, and other Seeking Integrity experts have written more than a dozen highly regarded books about sex, porn, and paired substance/sex addiction. Click HERE to see their work.

If you or a loved one is dealing with sex, porn, and paired substance/sex addiction, specialized experts are needed. And that is what we provide at Seeking Integrity. Nothing less will do.

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If you or someone you care about is struggling with sex, porn, or substance/sex addiction, help is available. Seeking Integrity offers inpatient treatment for male addicts. We also offer low-cost online workgroups for addicts new to recovery. The next six-week sex addiction workgroup starts in April. Click here for information