Recovery Reading for the New Year

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Recovering sex and porn addicts have long needed a daily reader specific to their needs. Yes, we’ve had the Hazelden publication, Answers in the Heart, to use as a daily reader for the past three decades. But that book has always seemed focused on developing a certain type of spirituality and healing from addiction in a general way. Many recovering sex and porn addicts find that approach less useful than they might like. Plus, the book is 30 years old, so the bits that do directly deal with sexual addiction can be out of date.

Enter Sex and Porn Addiction Healing and Recovery: A Practical Daily Reader for Sex and Porn Addicts. The book is published anonymously, but at Seeking Integrity we know that our own Director of Content, Scott Brassart, has been compiling these daily nuggets of wisdom for much of the last decade, basing them on issues discussed in 12-step sexual recovery meetings, sex and porn addiction treatment settings, and in his work with Dr. Robert Weiss, Dr. David Fawcett, and other leaders in the sex and porn addiction treatment field.

Each daily reading begins with an inspirational quote. Then there is a paragraph of information about sex and porn addiction – what it is, what it looks like, how we can overcome it, etc. Finally, there is a task for the day that is designed to help readers think about and engage in an ongoing process of recovery, one day at a time. We also like the fact that January has multiple readings about Step 1 of 12-step recovery, February has multiple readings about Step 2 of 12-step recovery, etc. So readers of this book will, over the course of the year, learn about and hopefully work their way through the 12 steps.

This book is useful for all individuals in sex and porn addiction recovery. Twelve-step sexual recovery groups may also find it useful as literature that can spark in-depth discussions, and to use just before the short, meditative quiet time that so many groups incorporate into the meeting’s format. Sex and Porn Addiction Healing and Recovery is highly recommended for all recovering sex and porn addicts, both male and female, especially those of us who find overly spiritual daily readers tedious, unhelpful, and confusing.