Seeking Integrity Provides a Unique Continuum of Care

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Tami VerHelst

If you or someone you care about are struggling with sex, porn, or substance/sex addiction, you may wonder why you should choose Seeking Integrity over another treatment facility. To address such concerns, I have written previously about the factors that make Seeking Integrity different, the fact that we offer unmatched specialization and expertise, and that we involve betrayed partners in ways that other facilities won’t even consider.

One final factor that sets Seeking Integrity apart is our unique continuum of care. For starters, our work with clients begins even before they arrive at our Los Angeles facility. As soon as clients commit to treatment with us, our therapists engage with them in conversation and with extensive evaluations that are used to anticipate specific treatment needs.

We also work, whenever possible, hand in hand with the client’s existing therapist and support team. As soon as a client arrives at Seeking Integrity (and sometimes before), we consult with his outside therapist and other professionals to get their input, and to keep them in the loop regarding treatment and longer-term recommendations.

In addition to individualized treatment plans for work at Seeking Integrity, we craft individualized aftercare plans that are designed to help each client succeed with long-term recovery and have the support to do so. Whenever possible, these plans are shared and discussed with the client’s betrayed partner and outpatient therapist, so everyone knows what to expect.

Most importantly, work with Seeking Integrity doesn’t end when a client completes our residential program. All Seeking Integrity alumni are encouraged to attend free weekly alumni support groups led by Seeking Integrity staff, including Dr. Rob Weiss. We also encourage clients, both before and after treatment, to participate in our free online webinars and discussion groups via Seeking Integrity’s free resource website,, and, when appropriate, low-cost “ongoing recovery” workgroups that take place online.

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If you or someone you care about is struggling with sex, porn, or substance/sex addiction, help is available. Seeking Integrity offers inpatient treatment for male addicts. We also offer low-cost online workgroups for addicts new to recovery. Click here for information