In this five-week series, Dr. Robert Weiss examines the primary issues couples face after the discovery of infidelity, with or without the presence of sexual addiction.

Week One: Infidelity and Sex Addiction (Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder)

In this lecture, Dr. Rob will examine infidelity and sexual addiction – what they are, why the occur, and how to approach recovery and healing. He will also debunk myths about sexual addiction, discuss common sexually addictive behaviors and consequences, and examine the role of technology in these behaviors.

Week Two: Dependency Needs

All humans have basic emotional needs, especially the need for intimate connection. When we feel connected, we are happier, more successful, and physically healthier. Unfortunately, addicts do not healthfully meet the needs of others, nor do they allow others to healthfully meet their needs. In this lecture, Dr. Rob talks about dependency needs, in particular how to identify them and fulfill them.

Week Three: Prodependence

Prodependence is the first attachment-based model for the treatment of addicts’ partners and loved ones. Prodependence moves beyond the blaming and shaming of trauma-based models like codependency and co-addiction, allowing us to view loved ones of addicts as individuals moving through a crisis as best they can, rather than viewing them as damaged people who are, through misguided attempts to help, perpetuating that crisis.

Week Four: Being In (and Getting Out of) the Doghouse

In this lecture, Dr. Rob discusses how relationship betrayal is generally indicative of challenges with intimacy and empathy, and that cheaters typically lack the insight and communication skills needed to revitalize a wounded relationship. He then discusses how cheating partners can overcome and remedy these deficits, eventually rebuilding trust and intimate connection with their betrayed partner.

Week Five: Rebuilding Healthy Sexuality

One of the most difficult aspects of the healing process for couples impacted by infidelity is learning to be sexual within the relationship in healthy, enjoyable ways. In this lecture, Dr. Rob discusses steps you can take toward rebuilding intimate emotional connection and enjoyable sex together – focusing on the fact that emotionally connected sex is the most best sex you’ll ever have.
Our next Lecture Series for Couples Impacted by Betrayal starts:

  • August 22, 2020
  • Five Weeks
  • Saturdays 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Pacific

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Please Note: Seeking Integrity’s lecture series do not offer or include psychotherapy. If you need help with a mental health challenge or you need/want psychotherapy, please reach out to an appropriate licensed mental health professional.